Prop 4 aims to repeal the recent CBJ ordinance mandating Juneau residents disclose the price they sell their property for

What is Mandatory Disclosure?

What it means for property owners

  • Individual privacy to protect financial transactions is no longer private.

  • Real property valuation assessments may increase property taxes causing a higher tax burden.

  • Forcing disclosure and imposing fines, may deter people from wanting to purchase property, which could damper the market for potential sellers

  • Could create higher property taxes for established residents, incidentally, making home buying for local residents unattainable

Data shows that once real property sales are required to be reported to local governments, other taxes such as transfer taxes are implemented.

Voting YES! on Prop 4 will

  • Protect Privacy

  • Eliminate $50 per day fine

  • Protect against future transfer taxes

  • Protect Juneau homeowners

Remember, you need to vote YES on Prop 4 to repeal the mandate. We must get this ordinance removed!